Adrian Reif could be the illegitimate child of Buckminster Fuller and Tim Ferriss. His passion for the human journey and environmental sustainability merge into a hopeful, yet urgent call for all of us to fulfill our potential, and in doing so, take on the existential problems that face our planet and our species.


  • Aspiring futurist

  • 10.10.10 entrepreneur in residence

  • Wim Hof Method trained instructor

  • TEDx Speaker

  • Founder of two companies

  • Played D1 college football and professional Ultimate frisbee for the Madison Radicals

  • Sits 10-day silent meditation retreats every 2 years

  • Has trekked to Chomolungma (Mt. Everest) Base Camp at 19,000’

  • Once wrestled nomads in the middle of Mongolia (and assumed he won all the matches until he learned the rules)

  • Built a net-zero energy home in rural Colorado

  • Despite all of this, he has experienced bouts of depression, deepening his appreciation for this one beautiful human journey and an internal commitment towards fulfillment, not achievement.

Adrian and Leaning Tower of Yumbutter.jpeg

Early Childhood

Adrian grew up in a middle-class, Midwestern family filled with home-cooked meals and deeply loving parents. Despite being a 3-sport athlete, a Math Team participant, and an Eagle Scout, Adrian felt deeply out of place in the world.


Adrian attended Vanderbilt University, the 18th ranked school in the country, where he walked on the football team until he was awarded a full scholarship his senior year. While at Vanderbilt, Adrian learned how to actually study thanks to his fun-loving, hard-working group of friends who deemed themselves Nike Team (long story, ask him later). He joined Alternative Spring Break and spent those weeks volunteering in rural Guatemala, homeless on the streets of Washington D.C., and learning about the AIDS epidemic. After his fill of partying, Adrian settled into a career in finance…but how long would it last?

Early Career

Adrian dove deep into the financial world while working for the world’s largest bank. He became deeply unsatisfied, quit, and spent the next year teaching and traveling in Asia. The year abroad gave Adrian a whole new outlook on life and engendered a deep fascination with our interconnectedness.

After inspiration en route to Chomolungma (Mt. Everest) Base Camp, he returned to the U.S. with $80 in his bank account and started Yumbutter. His first start-up journey was a roller coaster, but involved building the U.S.’s leading socially-conscious nut butter brand, raising almost $1M in investment capital, and using the business to provide 1,000,000+ supplemental feedings to children with malnutrition in Haiti and Guatemala. Adrian and his co-owner sold the company in 2017.


Adrian spends his time coaching mission-driven companies and entrepreneurs as a fractional Chief Strategy Officer along with on-the-ground tactical execution on marketing, branding, operations, and capital raising.

Adrian is launching a new venture, Incredible, that takes ocean plastic and turns it into beautiful things.

He also wrote a book called The Do-Gooder’s Guide to Investing, which simplifies sustainable investing for the everyday investor who wants to use their money to do good.

He and his wife live in a small mountain town in Colorado among an amazing community of artists, activists, mountain bikers, and seeking spirits.